Seven finds to date!


 September 24 by James Bridger(2761 found)9/24/2010 10:51 Found: Not quite lunch time, so we didn’t eat, but this was a great spot to get out and stretch, while letting the geo-hound romp. Nicely maintained area, literally in the middle of nowhere, that we got to from the back roads to the north. Walked around and looked in some of the buildings, amazed at the pristine condition of things and tried to imagine how tough frontier life would have been in 1870. Found a brochure about the Fort and found out some trivia about Long Pine, which isn’t far from where I live, so I now have to hide a cache there to expound on this information. Had a little trouble spotting the cache, more due to my poor looking skills than the coordinates, which were spot on. Found it to extract and sign. The log was damp, so I let it dry a little, then replaced. Thanks for the nice cache.View Log
 September 24 by WeMissMO(688 found)All was quiet this evening here(18:37) before having a great dinner down the street @ The Country Neighbor restaurant. Very busy evening there too. Probably all the Junk Jaunters in the area. T4TC SLView Log
 August 29 by Caden’s Mom(62 found)My first time to Fort Hartsuff. I loved it. The preservation is outstanding and the grounds are absolutely beautiful. Great place to come to enjoy some history, have a picnic, and play a game of horseshoes.View Log
 August 27 by bhjalarson(178 found)Found the cache while visiting the fort. Signed the log and had to be careful when replacing the cache due to other tourists nearby looking at the exhibits. tftc.View Log
 August 21 by SmileyRileys(211 found)A fun visit to Ft Hartsuff was ended with a find! Thanks for bringing people out to a great site in Nebraska!!View Log
 August 15 by majek1(86 found)Found! Traded coin for keychain!View Log
 June 5 by ghkh(31 found)Second find with the kids today.View Log